Helena and Sharon at The Quayside (2001)

About Us

Epicurious is a play on the words “epicure” — a person devoted to enjoyment of good food and drink, and “curio” — for our collection of genuine Singaporeana teakwood furniture and knickknacks.

Epicurious’s relaxed vibe and retro/shabby-chic style is inspired by Helena and Sharon’s respective experiences and wanderings abroad.

Helena, a UC Berkeley and University of San Francisco graduate and former financial comptroller, has lived and eaten her way across Honolulu and the San Francisco Bay Area. Helena’s current obsession, in addition to Indie music, is how to eat all she wants without getting fat… Sigh…

Sharon, ex-lawyer turned actor-restauranteur, and dedicated greedy girl, is still fondly remembered in restaurants in Cheltenham, Bristol and London. Sharon appeared recently in Glen Goei’s The Blue Mansion, with 2 short but very memorable lines. Spot her in the movie’s trailer here.

Epicurious at the Quayside

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