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Our Staff (needs updating!!!)

Ah Fu arrived at Epicurious in November 2006. Don’t let his bad boy looks fool you — he is a soft-spoken, single sweetie who is the backbone of our kitchen.

Bernard has been working at Epicurious since Dec’07. Behind his mild exterior is a fanatical Li Jiawei fan. At Epicurious, he stays calm and steady during the storm.

Darren has been with Epicurious since 2005 and is currently ‘The Man’ responsible for your weekend coffees and juices. He loves clubbing, and we honestly don’t know how he manages to wake up cheery and happy in the mornings.

Steven joined in May 2006. He gave up cigarettes for a whole month so that he could buy his own PlayStation Portable (after seeing Chi’s). Now spends his meal breaks muttering away to himself in the corner.

Chef Chi is the newest addition to our family (May 2008). He was born in Vietnam but grew up in Sydney, Australia. Chi has worked at The Range Hotel, Master Builder’s Club, Fin Restaurant and Alio. He is often so engrossed in his PSP that misses his bus stop.

Sumi, one of our pioneer breakfast staff, went off to the Culinary Institute of America, where she met Anthony Bordain. She is currently baking up a storm in San Diego.

On the weekends, we are joined by our merry band of part-timers: Juli, Cindy, Jasmine, Hamidah, XinYi, Wei Sheng, Kenny, Ah Chuan, Hou Min are some of the faces you will have seen here in the last few months.

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